2018 AGM Minutes

Meeting Date: Tuesday 20th November 2018 @ Reading Rooms Attendees:

Chairman: Nigel Jordan (NJ) Treasurer: Steve Gould (SG), Secretary: Peter Madden (PM), Committee Members: Chris Frampton (CF). Maria Sulman (MS), David Goad (DG)

Members: Chris Fryer (CFr), Meg Fryer, Richard Carter (RC), Graham Wood (GW), Kay Downs (KD), Jackie Eustace (JE), Daz Eustace (DE), Caroline Hadlow (CH), Paul Hadlow (PH), Jan Goad (JG), Eileen Willsea(EW),. Georgina (GM) & Sophie Madden (SM), Karin Gould (KG).

Apologies: - Members: Glen Eustace,, Graham Bailey, The Watson family

Minutes of Last AGM: Minutes of last AGM read and confirmed to be a true account by all attendees, NJ proposed acceptance of Minutes, seconded by CFr, unanimously accepted


Matters Arising: None from last year’s minutes.

Chairman’s Report: ReporteWelcome and thank you for attending this, the 28th ATC AGM. 2018 has been another successful year for the Club and the long hot summer has been ideal for tennis although ironically too hot on some occasions to play!

Club nights have been well supported with numbers topping 12-14 during the summer but a combination of injury, holiday and the heat also meant there were a couple of evenings when numbers struggled to make up a four. I’m delighted that Sunday mornings are also supported by a hard core of players whose hangovers don’t stop them getting up early and who so far have been rewarded with fine and unseasonably warm Autumn weather. Thank you for supporting these Club sessions which are the backbone of our club.

It seems that Regulation touches all aspects of our lives and we in the tennis club are not immune. Early in the year we had to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations – the dreaded GDPR – and even a tiny club like ours has had to prepare a GDPR policy and publish our GDPR notice. In addition, from 1st October the LTA require all British Tennis registered venues, of which we are one, to comply with 5 safeguarding minimum standards as part of our registration.

The 5 standards are:

? Have a Safeguarding Policy that has been clearly communicated to all involved at the venue

? Have a Diversity and Inclusion Policy that has been clearly communicated to all involved at the venue

? Have a Welfare Officer who has undergone the necessary training

? Ensure that relevant volunteers, staff, coaches and officers of the club have had a satisfactory Criminal Records Check

? Conduct an annual risk assessment of the venue and facilities.

I’m pleased to say we were ahead of the game in appointing a Welfare Officer and we meet all the 5 standards and have therefore successfully renewed our LTA registration for another year. Chris Frampton volunteered to be our Welfare Officer and he attended the relevant training courses earlier in the year, he has also undergone a CRB/DBS check.

Our Data Protection Policy, Safeguarding Policy and Diversity and Inclusion Policy are all available to read on our web site and I can provide PDF copies by e-mail or hard copies on request for anyone should they require.

Whilst I hope it would be unlikely in a small club like ours that there would be Safeguarding concerns around any of our juniors or vulnerable adults, if any member does have concerns about the welfare of a particular individual, they should report those concerns to Chris as the Welfare Officer, or myself, and we will deal with the matter appropriately.

Turning to matters on-court - This year we lost our resident Coach and mentor when Gary relocated to Guildford to be closer to his business. He and his words of encouragement have been missed on club evenings and we wish Gary and Debbie well in their new life. Gary has rejoined Pitt Farm Tennis Club in Guildford where he can be heard encouraging his fellow players “racquet back – follow through”!

Junior coaching continues to take a high profile in our Club calendar, although it was necessary to find a new Head Coach to replace Gary. After an extended search we were fortunate to secure the help of Simon Dunford, an LTA Level 4 coach currently working at The West Hants Tennis Club in Bournemouth. Simon has around 20 years’ experience of coaching at all levels including performance squads down to beginner level.

This year we had 26 children signed-up for the course and after some changes to the group structure early on they quickly settled into the course and Simon fitted in perfectly putting together a progressive series of lessons over the 10 weeks covering all the basics of the game. Once again the smaller groups meant the children got lots of practice and were able to hit a lot of tennis balls which is key to their engagement and enjoyment, and feedback was positive with parents endorsing the new coaching programme.

We intend to continue with our Junior Coaching programme in 2019 and I’m delighted to tell you that Simon has agreed to help us out once again and work is underway in planning these courses and I will assist in my capacity as a qualified coach I am also happy to continue the informal Adult coaching sessions, taking over from Gary, and to offer more coaching - whether group or individual, as demand and time allows.

Court Appearance:

Court maintenance is always an important part of committee discussion and following the tree cutting undertaken by the Parish Council in March 2017 we were left with overhanging branches at both ends of the courts but especially bad at the Ringwood Road end. This was addressed in October when we engaged a tree surgeon to cut the trees back. This has made a huge difference and we have suffered with considerably less debris, acorns and leaves falling on the court this autumn. This work was done at our expense however as the Parish Council could not be persuaded to cover the cost. With that work now completed we are planning to have the courts repainted in Spring 2019. This will not only refresh the colour of the courts and the lines but will seal the surface which will extend their life before resurfacing is needed. This work naturally needs to be done in Spring when the weather is dry which will inevitably mean court closure whilst the work is done. We will endeavour to keep disruption to a minimum and therefore I would ask for members patience during this time – it will be worth it in the end!

It’s worth noting, at this time of year in particular, our courts will always be susceptible to slip and trip hazards, including damp, and therefore I have to remind members that it is their responsibility to ensure the courts are safe for play before commencing. There are brushes provided on the courts for sweeping away loose debris and these should be used when required. Keeping the surrounding area of the courts neat and tidy is important for the overall appearance of our club and we did have 2 maintenance mornings scheduled but which didn’t go ahead for a various reasons. Nonetheless, members have pitched in to help and I’d like to thank Tim Sulman for strimming away the weeds around the court, and not forgetting our unsung hero Karen Gould who keeps the grass mown, usually turning-up unnoticed to cut the grass, it is much appreciated. Thanks everyone for helping keep the courts tidy.

In May we also fitted the windbreak at the Rec. Ground end to match the Ringwood Road end which has further improved the general appearance of the courts.


Our 4 Club Tournaments went ahead this year and were very well supported, but the Mens and Ladies box leagues were not contested. Several of our ladies had injuries which meant the ladies league couldn’t be played, but the men have no such excuse! I will run the leagues again in 2019 and I hope members will sign up and enjoy some competitive singles tennis.

Despite the leagues not going ahead, our 4 club tournaments were very well supported. Our winners were:

Winner / Runners-Up

May. Season Opener Adult Doubles: Winners -  Eileen Wilsea & Daryl Eustace - Runners Up:  Chris Fryer & Graham Bailey

June. Strawberries & Cream; Winners - St.John & Ben Potter  Runners Up -  Kay Downs & Alex Rose

July. “Partner swap” American Doubles: Winner:Chris Frampton   Runner Up: Matt Hockham

Sept. End of Season Family Picnic: Winners -  Nigel Jordan & Jamie Sulman Runners Up - Chris Frampton & David Goad

Congratulations to our winners, commiserations to our runners-up – keep practising – and thanks to everyone who took part and for making the events so enjoyable Communication and Social Media On the communications front our Facebook page continues to be a great way to let members know whats happening in the club, and where members can post photos and comment on club activities. The page now has 50 followers or “Likes”, and posts regularly get seen by 100+ people.

The WhatsApp group has also become an efficient and important medium for members to keep in touch making it easier to arrange games

Social Events

On the social front, despite best intentions we haven’t held any social events this year, we are however having our Christmas meal at The Royal Oak, North Gorley on Friday 21st December. If you’d like to come but haven’t yet booked your place, please contact Kay Downs who is organising.

As a committee we are always open to suggestions about how the club could progress or activities we should arrange, so please don’t be shy, talk to any of the committee and we will discuss it. The committee are all volunteers holding down full-time jobs, so it’s always good to call on working parties from the wider membership to help with such things as court maintenance on an occasional basis.

Finally, may I take this opportunity to again thank everyone who’s helped out this year whether strimming, weeding or clearing leaves, and of course, my thanks go to my fellow committee members for all their help and support throughout the year.

Nigel Jordan. Chairman 


 Treasurer’s Report:

Reported by SG: Copy of accounts given to all present.

Alderholt Tennis Club Treasurer’s Report for Annual General Meeting 20-Nov-18

Hopefully you can all see a copy of the Annual Accounts for the year ending 30th September 2018.

Membership tends to move in cycles and after a very strong year in 2017 the numbers have fallen slightly this year, partly as a result of people moving away from the village.

As a result our membership income this year is around 13% down on last year. Membership stands at 62 (compared with 73 last year) and is made up of 48 adults (down from 55) and 14 juniors (down from 18) or 37 males and 25 females.

Our expenses are broadly in line with last year and include replacing the mower which was terminally damaged.

Financially the Club is in a healthy position, this year we have transferred £2,646 into the Resurface Fund in preparation for when the time comes to renew the court surface and we are expecting to repaint the courts during 2019. The Club continues to benefit from volunteer help which helps to keep cost down.

Nigel does not charge for coaching and several members have supported the Club during the year by cleaning the courts, weeding, strimming and grass cutting and we extend our thanks to these members.

The accounts have been audited by Mr Brian Davis FMAAT and a signed copy is on file.

Stephen Gould Club Treasurer 20-Nov-18

No questions were forthcoming. DG proposed accounts move for adoption. Seconded by CF. Unanimously accepted.


Election of Committee

NJ proposed the current committee members were re-elected “en-bloc” as each was happy to stand for a further year and nobody else has put themselves forward.

Chairman: Nigel Jordan

Treasurer: Steve Gould

Secretary: Peter Madden

Committee Members: Chris Frampton, David Goad Maria Sulman..

Proposed by JG. Seconded by JE. unanimously accepted. A vote of thanks was given by CFr, members applauded.  

New Committee Members

NJ asked if any other members would like to join the committee: No volunteers.


Subscription Fees:

The following fee increase effective April 2019 was proposed: Adults increased by £2.00 to £74.00 p.a. Juniors increased by £1.00 to £37.00 p.a.

Proposed by SG Seconded by NJ, unanimously accepted.


NJ presented trophies for “good natured attitude and sportsmanship” throughout the season:

Spirit and sportsmanship award - Male – Matt Hockham.

Spirit and sportsmanship award – Female – Caroline Hadlow.

Spirit and sportsmanship award - Junior – Sophie Madden.


Any Other Business:

MS stated the court nets are in a state beyond repair due to fraying, SG and NJ to check and check on the spare nets. It was suggested replacement nets only be installed after winter.

It was stated that the Sunday morning club attendees are holding a Social event on New Years Day.

PM informed the club of the change to the affiliation fees to the Social Club. SG to check with the Recreational Committee. SG suggested Brian Davis be thanked for auditing the club’s accounts.

GW stated the Algae growing on the courts may need tackling, he is to check what can be used.

Next Committee meeting: Tuesday 5th February 2019 @ Nigel’s Place 7.30pm.

NJ closed the meeting @ 8.10pm